The journey of DGATS Care

The journey of DGATS Care

This was our five people group (Davi, Gopal, Azme, Touseef, Sem) and we thought that we would do an event at the end of the month. By which we will be able to provide food or any essential items to the needy.

During this Lock down we saw that a very large part of the population is hungry and not able to get the food. The Lock down has spoiled the daily wagers of their daily income.

They are left with no food to feed their families and starving silently in their homes and on the streets. we build social media platform and share the pics and images of distribution.

Now we are growing day by day and we were also getting call from the people who are willing to help us.

During this event, our team members also created awareness among people about the importance of social distancing in the battle of the corona pandemic.

We will continue these event, so it is a humble request to all the people to come forward and join this cause. Remember no other act of kindness stands in front of this during the current situation.

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