Lending hands for poor’s in their battle of survival

Lending hands for poor’s in their battle of survival

In the frigid nights of December and January, when most of us are wrapped in warm clothes, relaxing in our home, doing works in offices, travelling in cars with all facilities to keep us warm and enjoying hot cup of coffee in our hands, there are numerous underprivileged people in our own cities. These homeless people are so unfortunate that they cannot even afford something to cover them up and hence some of them lost their lives without a roof over their head. Though every year cold wave swept away the lives of many people in our country, but this season, record breaking temperature is noted which raises the toll of deaths.

As it is also the onset of New Year and everyone is planning to welcome it, organizing parties and buying gifts, our team realizes that there is no better gift than providing the blankets to the needy homeless people around us during this season. Our team distributed around 150 blankets on the chilled, foggy streets of NCR to the needy people. Ensuring that the help reaches out to the neediest is the main challenge for us. Since the inception, making sure that the help reaches only to the ones who actually need it has been the key objective of our drive, for this reason we chose night time for the distribution. Some people are found sleeping on the streets without proper shelter, our team quietly put blanket over them.

We are looking forward to do more such events because there cannot be a bigger satisfaction than saving someone’s life.

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