“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

Who we are?

DGATS is a non-profitable organization that is driven by a common goal of helping the underprivileged people thus  contributing towards the development of the society.

Our vision

Striving towards eliminating hunger from the society by providing access to hygenic food. Our Idea is to create a self sustained model where people from various communities can join hand and help them who are in need.

Syed had a saintly nature, ever ready to help the needy. He exemplified, through his short yet meaningful life span, that it is more important to add life to years rather than years to life. He inspires us in every endeavour we take.

Syed Nazir Ali (Pappan)

FOUNDER OF DGATS Care 1983-2017

Ongoing Events


Date : February and March

Clothes Distribution

Target 2000 people

Gurugram | Delhi | Noida | Aligarh | Gorakhpur | Bareilly | Kasganj

Aligarh-Dgats care

Date : February and March

Food Distribution

Target 10,000 food boxes

Gurugram | Delhi | Noida | Aligarh | Gorakhpur | Bareilly | Kasganj

Mission Safe Period Red Dot Challenge Delhi

Date : February and March

Mission Safe Period

Target 5000 Sanitary Pads

Gurugram | Delhi | Noida | Aligarh | Gorakhpur | Bareilly | Kasganj

Our Events

Christmas Day Celebration | bareilly

Date : 25 December 2021

Christmas Day Celebration  

Bareilly (UP)
Christmas Day Celebration Gorakhpur (UP)

Date : 25 December 2021

Christmas Day Celebration  

Gorakhpur (UP)
MISSION Blanket Drive | Aligarh (U.P)

Date : 19 December 2021 

Mission Blanket Drive 

Aligarh (U.P) 

Great Job dear DGATS

Thrilled to receive the token gift ‘DGATS COFFEE MUG’.
My personal appreciation for the works being done for the cause of Humanity.
In reality DGATS is translating the vision enshrined in often quotes but least practiser ‘NAR MEIN NARAYAN’ God is in man such sense of service in true reflection of “HUMANE’.
Profile of all members of DGATS led by Salman!
Kudos! My absolute Support for various projects of DGATS !

Professor Group Captain
O.P Sharma, Director General

Maharishi University of Information Technology

What we do

Our Country was ranked 102 on the Global Hunger Index in 2019, you can imagine how many people go hungry every day.

Our only goal is to reach out to as many people as we can and help them by providing the basic necessities.

We have organized small scale events within Delhi/NCR and adjoining areas: –

Food Distribution Events 

Cloth Distribution Events

Blanket Distribution Events

Child Education Welfare Events

Sanitary Pads Distribution Events

We want to create a community wherein people from different dialects can join hands and come together as a group to help the people who are in need of basic necessities 


Blanket Distributed

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Meals Served

Meals Served

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Apparels Distributed

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Sanitary Pads

Sanitary Pads

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Our Volunteers

Each of us has own reason for volunteering, but we’re all working towards on goal: to make a positive impact in the world

Let’s join our hands and come forward to support the initiative.
“Together we achieve more”

Christmas Day Celebration | Gorakhpur (UP)

25 December 2021

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Our Testimonials

In Other News

Our Blog

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