Anubhav Bhata

My name is Anubhav, I am resident of Delhi NCR typically from Gurgaon. I joined this DGATS Care foundation in the month of September and attended their first event of 2nd October 2020 which was food distribution in Delhi. Joining this group is not to be a part of Social Work but to be part of someone’s happiness. This group is working from last 2 years approx., and the way they are working, helping and rest I don’t have much words to express their work but just a big HATS OFF. Being a part of this group is just not helping others but it also relates to inner peace and made me strong to stand for others and be part of them and to make others also stand.

When you start being a part of someone’s happiness someone’s progress the change of their level will automatically start reflecting in your life too.

Since my childhood I was very eager to be the part of any group in which I can start helping others just not by money but by different means, and this DGATS Care foundation helped me to do that, and seriously this is an OPEN organisation where there are NO limits to ideas, NO limits to help, NO limits to become a good man.

Before joining this, I was not sure what they do, how do they manage, how they approach people, but seriously being a part there are no such hurdles. Someone said perfect “When you Help Others God Help You” some pre-primary quote told by parents and teachers, now I got to know that was well said. There is just a small ignite to do such good works, not by joining any group but giving your time to someone by helping them by any means will definitely revert back to you one day.

DGATS Care is a foundation where being a part of it not limited to distributing food and clothes, they appreciate how you try to contribute your valuables to support others, to help poor or needyby your time, ideas, efforts, financial help, motivation to others, and many more.

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