A little help to the worst affected groups midst of covid-19 pandemics

A little help to the worst affected groups midst of covid-19 pandemics

A little help to the worst affected groups midst of COVID-19 pandemics. The current pandemic situation prevailing in the world changed everything around us. Almost 70 countries all over the world are hardest hit by the COVID-19 resulting in deaths in large numbers. Unfortunately, in our country also this pandemic is spreading and the number of cases is rising gradually. By realizing the need for an hour when social distancing is the only option to prevent its spread, our honorable prime minister announced the nationwide lockdown for 21 days. All schools, offices and the entire flow of the society have stopped unanticipatedly and people have been forced to remain indoors during the pandemic which turns out to be catastrophic for daily wagers.

Although the Government of India is making every effort to help these people out but still there are many who cannot even avail of the benefits of government schemes. The junta curfew has robbed the daily wagers of their daily income. They are left with no food to feed their families and starving silently in their homes and on the streets.

In this critical situation, our team identified the vulnerable areas of the Bareilly, U.P. where the majority of such population lives. We have distributed grains (rice, lentils and wheat flour) to over 200 people out there. It was a challenge for us also to go out and distribute the ration due to permission issues during the lockdown. But due to the effort of our team, we got permission for this cause.

During this event, our team members also created awareness among people about the importance of social distancing in the battle of the corona pandemic.

We will continue this event until lockdown lifts up, so it is a humble request to all the people to come forward and join this cause. Remember no other act of kindness stands in front of this during the current situation.

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