A day at Khushi Rainbow home Okhla

A day at Khushi Rainbow home Okhla

India is a home of many underprivileged young girls. These girls are either orphanaged, abandoned or belongs to the very poor families which cannot support their survival. These kids have every right to be happy and live their life like we do. But unfortunately, they haven’t had the luck to do so because of financial and social constraints. Therefore, we as previliged ones should make every effort to create difference in the life of these kids.

“No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted”

With this quote in mind, our team visited Khushi Rainbow home situated in Okhla, New Delhi. This is the home of near about 110 underprivileged girls of different age groups. Our team spent a day there, played games, danced and distributed snacks to the kids. The kind of happiness we saw on the faces of little ones gives us immense pleasure.

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